Morteza was born in Tehran and spent his early years there. Finishing primary and secondary education, he studied architecture and engaged in graphic designing. During the years of living in Iran, he worked with several advertising companies as a designer.
By the age of 16, Morteza started singing in Iranian movies. In 1969, he entered a singing festival in Mikhake noghreh i (Silver Carnation), a famous TV show which was performed by Fereydoon Farrokhzad and broadcast on Iran's national television for the first time, and won the competition. This was the beginning of his professional singing career.
His first song called "Eshghe Zoodgozar" ("fleeting love") was written by Masoud Hooshmand. The late Parviz Maghsadi composed the music for "Eshghe Zoodgozar".
Gradually thereafter, Morteza Barjasteh became known to people by his stage name, Morteza. He sang about 180 songs while cooperating with many famous Iranian songwriters and composers. He also sang about 50 songs for Iranian movies.
In 1981, two years after the Islamic Revolution, he left Iran for the United States and settled in Los Angeles.Morteza also kept up graphic designing and designed the covers for both of his own albums and other artists' as well. He is the first Iranian who used a computer to designing since 1983.

Dr. Peyman Raoofi

Dr. Peyman Raoofi holds a Doctorate and Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Alliant International University and a BA in psychology from California State University, Northridge with Summa Cum Laude Honors. UNICEF, Relief International and Human Rights Council are other organizations that Dr. Raoofi has been actively involved to help disadvantaged children on a global level. He is a lifetime member of the Psi Chi National Honor Society in Psychology, Golden Key International Honor Society, recipient of Gold honor of the US President’s Volunteer Service Award from President George W. Bush and President Obama's Call to Service Award. He also has been recognized as an Honorary Ambassador by UNICEF and recognized as a Mental Health Hero by Chicago School of Psychology.
Dr. Raoofi is currently serving on the Boards of Iranian Psychological Association of America (IPAA), Los Angeles County Psychological Association (LACPA) and Profamily Group.
Dr. Raoofi is an International speaker and has been a guest speaker in many universities including UCLA, Cal State Los Angeles, Chicago School of Psychology, California School of Psychology, and Sharif University. He has been a guest on multiple TV and Radio shows such as BBC, Voice of America, Radio Hamrah, and KIRN 670AM.

Siamak Afshar

Siamak Afshar is an addiction counseling specialist with thirty-two years of successful experience in this field, and having moved, touch and inspired many addict/alcoholic to get sober and transform their lives. Siamak has been running couple tv-shows for last many years and at times he had a couple different radio shoes as well, discussing the nature of addiction and the codependency and their relationships with one another. Siamak holds an MA in psychology and CADCII ( drug & alcohol counseling certification from the state of California ). He has been running an addiction treatment center for last 15 years in Yorba Linda, called The Transforming Life Center.
Siamak has a twenty-four years old beautiful daughter who is studying psychology major to become a therapist in the future. Siamak has so far run eighty marathons and plans to complete on hundred marathons before he retires. Siamak always states, " I want to be completely used up before I die”.

Dr. Nicole Jafari

Dr. Nicole Jafari has a doctorate degree in Education and currently is a faculty at two California State Universities in the departments of Human Development and Child & Adolescent Studies. She has published and co-authored many research articles in various scientific and academic journals in the areas of child & adolescent and human development topics. In addition, Dr. Jafari is an author of several academic college textbook with a global, cultural, and multi-disciplinary view on human development and growth. She is currently collaborating with several non-profit and like-minded organization, who promote social consciousness, public awareness, and education.

Maryam Fouladi

Maryam Fouladi was born in Tehran, Iran. She received her bachelor’s degree from School of Art and her master’s degree from University of Art. She had several successful concerts in different countries such as Germany, England, Japan and Russia.


Tehran Ghasri was born in Washington D.C. to an Iranian father and African-American mother, both of them met each other in the university. In a TV show launched by VOA Persian which called "Minutes With Max Amini". Tehran holds degrees in international politics and economics from George Mason University.
Tehran, is an Iranian-American international comedian, actor, host, television and radio personality, entertainer of African-American and Persian descent. Tehran was brought up in Washington D.C. where he started his career. Half Persian, half Black, He is a bilingual comedian in Persian and English.
He was named after Tehran, the capital of Iran. As he said, his parents chose the name Tehran as a reminder of his Persian roots and culture.
Tehran has hosted his own radio and TV shows on Rangarang and Tapesh Satellite TV, both of them are US-Based Persian language TV channels. He also performs stand-up comedy in clubs all over the U.S, mostly in Laugh Factory.

Farzaneh Froughi

Farzaneh Froughi was born in Iran. She was graduated from University of Art and received Master of Graphic Design. She learned Daff (Iranian Instrument) from Iranian Teacher Mr. Hadadi and Classical Music and singing from Mr. Omami.